Drive In, Drive Out

It's been a movie weekend. Last night we went to the drive-in and saw a double feature of Over The Hedge and MI:3. Yes, there are still a few drive-in theaters around. Two that I know of, the Vineland and the Mission Tiki, are not too far outside of Los Angeles. I honestly never went to these type of theaters as a kid, except once with my grandmother to see E.T. It seems that a lot of people are fairly nostaligic about the drive-in and they are making a comeback in one form or another.

Besides the family four screen set up, like both the Vineland and Mission Tiki have, there are various guerilla or independent drive-ins popping up. Eric is still scouting some locations for his mobile drive-in, Hollywood Mobile Movie, or Hollywood MobMov for short. His Scion Xb is outfitted with a power source and is his mobile projection booth. If you are in the L.A. area, go to the website and sign up on the mailing list for notifications of upcoming screenings.

Over The Hedge is a really cute movie. The cast was great overall, but William Shatner, as Ozzie the possum, and Steve Carell, as Hammy the very hyper squirrel, really stood out for me. The film is based on, and is sort of a prequel to, the comic strip of the same name. The fact that Ben Folds did five songs, including an awesome cover of "Lost In The Supermarket," for the soundtrack was a great bonus.

MI:3 is like an extended episode of Alias with Tom Cruise instead of Jennifer Garner, minus the funky wigs and sexy costumes. It was entertaining, but it has gotten to the point where I can't get past the Tom Cruiseness of Tom Cruise. I didn't really see his character, just him. Oh look, there's Tom Cruise brooding, and there's Tom Cruise grinning maniacally, and there's Tom Cruise running in his oh-so-Tom-Cruise way, with elbows flexed at 90-degree angles and so fast you expect him to leave a trail of get the idea. I must say I was very pleased to see Simon Pegg, playing the Marshall-esque tech guy and offering a bit of comic relief. Too bad he was only in a few scenes.

Oh, and it's only $6 per person to see a double feature at the drive-in. Quite a bargain!


Joanne said...

I can't watch a Tom Cruise movie anymore either. He's just too crazy and that's colored everything for me.

There's nothing like a drive-in. I still remember wearing my jammies and watching The Empire Strikes Back at a drive in. It was a double feature but I have no idea what movie #2 was because we (my little sis & I) fell asleep while watching it. We were in my parents' old blue (with wood paneling) station wagon. Good times...

SJ said...

That's a great way to think - the Tom Cruiseness of Tom Cruise. I know exactly what you mean :)

Creative-Type Dad said...

Did you go to the Tiki or Vineland one?
I've been wanting to go but they're both in pretty shady areas

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