Remembering Our Tax Refund

It's kind of a good thing I have to work most of this "holiday weekend" (yesterday and tomorrow) because we've spent a ton of money over the past few days. We're having some much needed tree trimming taken care of, which is costing a couple grand. We have lovely, large trees on our property, but they've been growing like mad the past few years and a couple had extended over our roof.

In the unexpected expense category was a costly trip to the vet for our 13-year-old dog Cosette. She'd been limping a little for a few days and it got a lot worse on Friday. I couldn't get her in to see her vet until early Saturday morning (which made me late for work...grrr!). The vet did Xrays (including the lungs) to rule out any sort of fracture or metastases from the cancer she had a year and a half ago. The films only revealed arthritis in both hips and in one area of her spine. Quite a relief considering the alternative possibilities. After a day of glucosamine and baby aspirin, she is limping less and even jumped up on the bed, which is actually something I'd rather her not be doing.

My Sweet Cosette


madretz said...

Hope she's feeling better soon.
Cute pic!

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