Hamster Ball Derby

I'm not kidding! I hope I'm in town next weekend, because if I am, Ami and I are so doing this! And there are a couple of you who I expect to come cheer us on! I'm thinking we may start training tonight!

Extra energy banana chip for really fast ball rolling!

I'm catching hell at work tomorrow for this, for sure. I already have people telling me that their boyfriends, sisters, etc. want to meet me because they can't believe someone who is so dorky is a real person!

Maybe I should just go to bed.


SJ said...

I've got five bucks on your little furry critter!

ren said...

if i am expected to go then i can bring the cat, right? she likes hamsters just fine...

Anonymous said...

That is so cool. I hope you get go, and that Ami kicks some hamster tail.

Jen said...

Ami is the coolest hamster EVER! And you always get such great pictures of him/her (?)

Suddenly, I have no idea if Ami is male or female! Eek!

Jodi said...

Ren--um, no!


Jen--Ami is girl. Full name is PuffyAmi Yumi, like the cartoon and Japanese girl band.

Kristin said...

A Petco here in Metro Boston was having the Hamster Marathon last weekend. Now that's dorky.

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