Yeah, I'm Weird OCD

I saw this post on Yvett's site, listing 6 weird things about yourself, and decided to give it a go. This is rather difficult since I'm only limited to 6! I'm going to post the first things I thought of, a couple to do with blogging, appropriately enough.
  1. When I post my blog entries, I round the time to the nearest increment of 5. You will not see a post from me at 11:32 or 6:14. Now, if only I could self-select the times for the comments I leave on other blogs!
  2. I will edit and redit a post to avoid links being split between two lines, if at all possible.
  3. On days I have to get up for work, I generally set 5 alarms. Two on my clock radio and three on my cell phone. I check all of them several times before I go to sleep. There are still mornings that I oversleep.
  4. I am creeped out by eye stuff. I can barely put in eye drops and know I'd never be able to wear contact lens. Once my vision starts to go, I'll be sporting glasses. I avoid going to the eye doctor because the puff of air thing freaks me out.
  5. I can not file my nails. Emery board against fingernail is as bad as fingernail against chalkboard to me. I just clip 'em.
  6. Before getting out of my car, I have to make sure certain dials are in certain positions and that other things are off.
Now those of you who know me are probably laughing and thinking I'm much weirder than the above illustrates. You are probably right.


madretz said...

There's a new thing at the eye doctor that replaced the air puff thing - thank god! I hated that more than anything. I'm nearly blind so have to go every year. And because of that I wear contacts otherwise my glasses would be like coke bottles, even with the new ultra thin lenses.

ren said...

i was gonnna do that but i'm not weird at all!

Yvett said...

Oh! I do the dial on cars thing too! I have a fit if someone stops their car and leaves the air or heat on.

About blogging, I won't change the time because then I feel like I'm "cheating". I also don't like to go back and edit or do a spellcheck. I feel like I should post it as is. I know that's odd but it might explain the errors.

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