They Googled It

I'm amused by what searches on Google, Yahoo, etc. that steer people to my blog. Thanks to Site Meter, I've been able to collect some of them for the past couple of weeks. So, it seems that I like to blog about:

  • george bush doesn't care about black puppets
  • sheldon the grumpy squirrel
  • bad rasputin marionettes
  • fred armisen came in
  • Jason Gray-Stanford
  • viggo mortensen into clogs (This was from Yahoo France. I don't understand the "into clogs" bit either.)
  • viggo teeth
  • Greg Proops fabulous
  • parker stevenson
  • kiefer sutherland "mammoth lakes"
  • alan rickman hello vote macro
  • emo phillips seagull
  • duran duran unplugged gallery
  • Rancid Acoustic Video
  • "Jill sobule"
  • Ben Folds R. Wainwright careless whisper
  • Todd Rundgren Jonesy's Jukebox
  • rick springfield bummer stickers
  • "lost in the supermarket" interpretation
  • i'm leaving on a jet plane
  • mp3 shuffle questions
  • email dicky barrett
  • buy ears open eyeballs click
  • ringtones "tina come get some ham" napoleon
  • inconvient truth movie
  • tricky dicky's surgery horror movie (???)
  • acoustic show by all rancid members for the live freaky die freaky movie premiere party
  • medium at william s. paley festival 2006
  • "south park"
  • boondocks transparent
  • "canter's deli" 75 cents
  • frozen peeps
  • "it's time to make the donuts"
  • quotes on dagoba chocolate wrappers
  • famima blog
  • i'm in love with a hamster
  • dwarf hamster benign growth
  • Haiku about cute hamsters
  • hamsterster
  • puffy hammy you
  • jen and jerry
  • teach OR science "jason ho" "santa monica" (heh!)
  • "eugie foster"
  • what do cats hate (me, by the way)
  • put the puppy in the bucket
  • halloween naughty pets
  • there's a frog in my throat
  • "If I had a million dollars" dog
All Things Dorky
  • dorky to say
  • dorky dogs
  • dorky quotes
  • dorky girls in pictures
  • dorky donkey
  • women cool dorky blogs
  • life as a scientist dorky
  • photos of geeks and dorks
  • dorky toys
  • western mainline ymca
  • Jhonen + comic con
  • sweet ginger brown
  • jesus is my airbag bumper sticker
  • supermarket tramps
  • namaste cone needles
  • cameras, wiltern
Hopefully This Isn't (but may truly be):
  • "the most boring post"


SJ said...

Hahaha. I don't get that many. But back when I had my old blog called The Hard Word... well you can imagine the kinds of searches I used to get!

Chris said...

Being a techie geek, I shouldn't admit this, but I was wondering how people were getting the search strings that people used to find their blogs. Now I know - Thanks!

Now I can waste even more time checking my hit counts and looking for odd paths to my blog (nothing funny so far - the only remotely interesting one was "taco cake")...

Unused Account said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unused Account said...

Hey! I just stumbled onto this site while looking for "Sheldon the Grumpy Squirrel". I guess he's not here. You might want to get a little Sheldon on your couldn't hurt.

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