The Glamorous Life

In case anyone mistakenly has the idea that I live a glamorous L.A. life, let me tell you how I spent my Saturday afternoon and night. I arrived early to help Eric set up screens, projectors, etc. for the movie division meeting of the Stereo Club of Southern California (as in 3D, not hi-fi). We were there from 4:00pm until about 2:30am. Parts of the event were fun, there was good food and many of the club members are fun to chat with, but the night just dragged on too long. And frankly, some of the geeky conversations went way over my head.

Today we slept in, to recover from last night, and then ran some errands. First, to Best Buy to and then to Petco for a hamster motorcycle (aka "Critter Operated Chopper"). It's super silly, but I just couldn't resist, especially since it was on sale. I'll be trying it out tonight and post photos of the occasion soon, I'm sure.

After shopping, we had dinner at our favorite Mongolian barbeque restaurant, Mogo's, in Sherman Oaks. I noticed an actor from 24 sitting at the table next to us. Eric kind of knows him through a mutual friend and decided to say 'hi' when we finished eating. I hurried off to the restroom while they talked about an upcoming poker game they'll both be attending. I just couldn't risk the possibility of saying something completely inane and inappropriate like "Tell Kiefer I love him." It's so sad when you can't even trust yourself.


SJ said...

Cool, which actor? I've never seen 24 but plan to rent season one sometime this month

Joanne said...

I would so say "tell kiefer I love him" except I'd probably go one bad step further and say something like "Tell Kiefer I love him and I always have and I'm not just a recent convert since 24, but really loved him in Lost boys and flatliners and I've seen everything he's ever done..... (And just keep babbling)"

Jodi said...

Joanne--I've never disliked Kiefer and saw a lot of his movies, but didn't really 'appreciate' him the way I do now since that first season of '24.' My husband made some comment about how the show was "getting more intense by the hour" and I said "yeah, and Kiefer is getting sexier by the hour!"

I did meet him once and had a nice little "moment." I'll email you sometime about that. Oh, and check out the new Rolling Stone magazine...he's on the cover!

Brenda Griffith said...

I had a weird crush on his father when I was 19 (after Eye of the Needle). That kind of ruined me for the family I'm afraid.

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