Cupcake Haiku

Ever have one of those days where you really want to update your blog, but you've got nothing? That's me today. It has been a while since I posted any haiku. Ren clued me in to a request for haiku, in celebration of April being National Poetry Month, put out by the All Cupcakes, All The Time blog. So, I cranked a few out. I get on a roll with writing haiku and no, they don't all come out good, but I just keep going for awhile. I sent all of them in and one got published on the site!

I will confess that I'm not that into cupcakes, in spite of their trendiness. Don't get me wrong, they can be yummy, but I don't go out of my way to have or make them. I've never even been to one of those cupcake-only bakeries. Anyway, here's what I churned out in a brief span of time:

cupcake, sweet cupcake
I took a bite out of you
icing on my nose

velvet chocolate
in a tiny, little cake
oh how I love you

my buddy Karen
bakes some really good cupcakes
so very yummy

not just for parties
cupcakes are a trendy treat
just enough sweetness

soft, fluffy cupcake
incredibly sweet icing
dessert perfection

more than a cookie
much less than a piece of cake
tastier than pie

chocolate cupcake
with peanut butter icing
what could be better?

cupcake for breakfast
more cupcakes for lunch at noon
now my stomach hurts

homemade is the best
when you are talking cupcakes
no store bought for me

Yeah, I'm a dork.


Chris said...

You went to a Ray Bradbury lecture last night and you don't have anything to blog about :-)

Liked the haiku, though...

K. Marie said...

Oh dear lord. To think, most of the links off my blog are to diet-and-exercise focused sites.

angry tummy growls
cupcakes are NOT on my plan
think thin, not gooey

Jodi said...

Good one, Karenna. My links should be more like yours, but instead I just buy bigger pants.

madretz said...

Yep, I've succumbed to the cupcake fad. So your haiku's are a real treat that I can relate to.

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