Break It Down Again

In the interest of time, a quick list:
  • This past Thursday, I went to Disneyland in a limo, as a VIP, with a group of kids from work. Did not wait in any lines, had 2 tour guides, ate for free (including ice cream in the afternoon). It was tons of fun, but I've never been so physically exhausted in my life. Pushing a wheelchair around the park (which I learned is not completely level) all day and lifting kids on and off rides can really do you in. Big time.
  • I helped Eric and a friend on a film shoot on Friday. It's a puppet film featuring a couple of celebrity look-alike puppets, which look fantastic. I'll say more later, when I can talk about it.
  • We finally got out to see V For Vendetta last night. I've heard mixed reviews among friends, but I really liked it. It was also so damn refreshing to see Natalie Portman acting again. I'm a fan of hers and believe she is talented, but only if she is not being "directed" by Lucas and saying his shitty dialogue.
  • I hope everyone remembered to set their clocks ahead. I'm excited about the longer days and hope to return to evening hiking soon. But, why do I have a 7am meeting scheduled for tomorrow when I normally don't even work until 7:30? Someone planned that poorly!
  • There's more I'd like to write about, as I've been 'away' for a few days, but there is a sale on hamster bedding at the pet store, so Rusty and I are going on a little outing.


Chris said...

Sounds like things improved later in the week. We had a great weekend of... not doing any thing special - cleaned out the garage, put up a few pictures now that our painting is done, sat on the porch swing and read a lot, went to the park, took pictures.

Joanne said...

Yay! How fun Disneyland! I pushed my father around Disney World in a wheelchair many years ago, it is exhausting.

I've wanted to see V for Vendetta and now I think I shall. :) I really like Natalie Portman and the less said about her appearance in the movies that shall not be named the better.

Anonymous said...

Coral mentioned today about Eric having the kermit puppet or at least she thinks it was a puppet, I told her how he is working on a movie with puppets. She was very excited :) She wants to see it.,

ren said...

i took my cat to the pet store once...once. it didn't work out well. and thank you for calling me from small world and leaving the message on my cell. i will return the favor.

but...just "ren"? did i do something wrong? *sniff*

Jodi said...

No, Ren, you did nothing wrong. I had changed it to something sort of mean for April Fools, but late in the evening so I'm not sure you saw it. When I went in to change it, I was very, very tired and not feeling very creative.

SJ said...

But I set my clocks back! Oh no!

Wait - I was supposed to. Phew! :)

ren said...

awww, thank you. i do, indeed rock...but only until 9:30 because i have to work tomorrow.

but now i wanna know what the kinda mean one was!

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