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Chris Palmer called me out. I claimed to have nothing to blog about and he couldn't buy that, seeing as I heard Ray Bradbury speak Wednesday night. CFI-West sponsored an event with author M.G. Lord in conversation with Bradbury. I've heard him speak at a few other events over the past few years. At last year's San Diego Comic Con, Bradbury was on a panel with Forrest Ackerman and Ray Harryhausen. It was almost painful, as it was poorly moderated and not accomodating to the age-related hearing difficulties of Ackerman and Bradbury, in particular.

In spite of Ray Bradbury's age and subsequent health problems, he is sharp and snarky (some may say curmudgeonly), entertaining and inspirational. He does ramble a bit when answering a question, but I think he has earned the right to do that and no one seemed to mind. It is part of his charm.

Ray Bradbury's take-away message was that he is optimistic for the future. He recommended that everyone stay in love with their pursuits, as well as read at least one poem and short story before going to bed each night.

Simple, but sage advice. Not original though. I mean, Ren has been telling us to read poems too!


ren said...

oh! oh! i suggest that people read poetry and they ignore me but RAY BRADBURY does and it's all...oooh, we should read poetry! FINE!


he's a very cool dude. and he looks a lot like my grandfather, so i always liked him. but i am still disturbed about that one story about the baby that's born in another dimension so it only appears here as a pink triangle or something. it's just WRONG!

Jodi said...

Hey, I'm just saying what he said. I didn't read a poem that night or last night, so there! Tee hee!

I was trying to think if I have a favorite poem, but I'm just not that intellectual I'm afraid. There is one in French I really like and I know I have it somewhere, but I can't find it. Darn!

ren said...

heh heh heh. and no one should be afraid of poetry. it's like...anything. you like what you like and no one else is (or should be) allowed to criticise you for it. hey, one of my favorite poems is about a guy trying to get a chick into bed. that's hardly intellectual!

Chris said...

I scan too fast when I read, which is great for a novel, but horrible for poetry or plays. I can read a 300 page novel in a couple of hours, but if try to read poems silently, they muddle up in my head

. I have to either force myself to read them very slowly, or I have to read them aloud (or subvocalize). The same thing works for plays, I have to read them aloud or have seen them performed before I read the text.

My favorite book of poetry is Dreamtigers, by Jorge Luis Borges. It's a mixture of prose and poetry, but his prose if very poetic, even in translation. I wish I knew Spanish enough to read Borges and Garcia Marquez in their original languages. Then again, I might like the translations better...

There are some Dreamtigers excerpts here:

Michael Gordon said...

It was an incredible event!!!

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