For Ren

L'amour perdu

Il n'y a pas de soleil aujourd'hui.
Les oiseaux ne chantent pas
Et les fleurs meurent.

Le ciel est noir aujourd'hui.
Je ne souris pas
Et je ne ris pas.

Je pleure aujourd'hui
Parce qu'il ne m'adore plus.



ren said...

thank you but...i don't speak french.

i can make out...fleurs...

ren said...

hmmm...this is the translation i got...

Lost love There is no sun today. The birds do not sing And the flowers die. The sky is black today. I mouse not And I do not laugh. I cry today Because it does not adore me any more.

i like it! especially the part about the mouse!

i think my translation must be a little faulty. heh.

BRAVO! thank you for being so brave! it is a most excellent poem!

Jodi said...

I just emailed you what I think the translation is. I wrote it back in high school. I think I meant smile and not mouse!

Who knows? Maybe I meant hamster...a smiling mouse!

SJ said...

C'est triste :(

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