Vegas, Baby! Vegas!

Just about ready to head over to CES and check out the up and coming techy goodness! I'm not sure how much gambling we'll do this trip, but if our luck continues the way it has been so far, we probably should give it a go.

True to form, we were running late getting on the road yesterday. There was a house to clean, haircuts (and color for one of us...not me!) to be gotten, and an editing project to be finished (again, not me). We have a habit of driving to Vegas at night, which definitely has disadvantages, but more advantages such as no traffic.

We'd made a reservation at Palace Station, an off-strip hotel that recently underwent much-needed renovations. They had the best price of any of the hotel-casinos. Even better than The Orleans, which is where we usually stay for CES. Palace Station used to be really gross, but is better since the refurbishing. Well, we booked a room for about $90/night, a good rate for such a busy convention time.

Arriving at Vegas at 3:30am can be a good thing. It's happened to us before elsewhere and again, the "only rooms left" were suites. We actually got put into a $1500/night "grande suite" and we get to stay in the whole weekend. Once at The Orleans we ended up in a suite bigger than our house (I am not kidding) with a shower bigger than our one measley bathroom back in North Hollywood. We had to move after the first night though. Here's the view from the bedroom:

You'll note the nice widescreen tv! We have a huge bathroom and a powder room! Too bad we'll barely be in here. Anyway, I have gadgets to go drool over!

Oh, and it's in the 60's today and sunny. Much better than last year when it snowed!


Anonymous said...

That is great about the room!!! Have a great trip.

Peeved Michelle said...

CES! I am so jealous.

ren said...

is that a peppermint mocha that i see?

Chris said...

I love it when things like that happen. We went to San Diego one year for a work related convention (GIS) and when we got to the car rental place, they said "We're out of the sub-sub-compact crappy car your company reserved, but we'll rent you a Mustang convertable for the same price. Is that all right with you?"

Of course, sometimes it goes the other way. I was in Tampa a few months ago and the only rental vehicle availabe was a bright purple PT Cruiser.

Jodi said...

Good eye, Ren! Not a peppermint mocha as they are being phased out post-holidays. It's my newest coffee vanilla latte. Yum!

Chris...I dunno, a purple PT Cruiser sounds fun! I guess it is kind of girly though.

SJ said...

Look at the size of that tele! Wow! I haven't been to Vegas in about 10 years. I'm thinking another trip is in order sometime!

What is CES?

Jodi said...

CES is the International Consumer Electronics Show.

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