Enid We Never Really Knew Each Other Anyway

So the holidays are officially over. For me, at least. I don't celebrate Armenian Christmas or the Chinese New Year, so yep, it's done. (But, of course I am very excited that it will be the "Year of the Dog!"). I don't really have any major festivals I participate in coming up. I will watch fireworks in July, but that's about it.

Anyway, I'm happy to be past the pressures of the holidays (which I mostly put on myself), the disappointment that I didn't send out cards or get gifts for some people, the exhaustion of working my near-normal schedule while still participating in lots of extra activities and good cheer, and the general annoyance of festive music, arguments over what to call the season, etc.

Next year, I'm seriously considering just breaking out a Festivus pole and doing feats of strength. That way, I'll get a jump start on that ubiquitous resolution of "getting in shape."

January is shaping up to be quite a busy and fun month. This coming weekend, we head to Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show. We've gone for several years now and always have fun looking at cool gadgets that may not reach the shelves for a year or so. I plan to check out digital cameras as I'm itching to upgrade. I kind of have my heart set on one already, but really have not compared it to what else is out there or coming out.

At the end of the month, Eric and I will be going to Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Fest. It will be my second year. We're sharing a condo with some of the filmmakers we stayed with last year for the second week of the 10-day event. Also, we'll be hosting the 2nd Annual "Condodance," where other people are invited to show their films, eat spaghetti, etc.

Oh yeah, we did make it to Disneyland on New Year's Day. It rained a bit, which was great for thinning the crowds. We walked right on to most rides, except of course Peter Pan's Flight, which always has the longest line in the park! And it is barely a 2-minute ride! It is worth it though, I suppose. Photos coming to my Flickr page sometime this week!


Anonymous said...

We were going to take a Festivus pole to Julie's house, but could find a pole at that moment. I wanted to see Chad and his dad do the feats of strenght...but they wouldn't go for it...LOL

Jodi said...

Well, I'll be making the annual trip to Comic Con. I got a postcard too about hotel reservations which start a month later this year.

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