Ren Gets Bored and Inquisitive

Some new questions from Ren, who was bored yesterday:

1. Have you been listening to any podcasts lately? If so, what ones?
To be honest, I haven't quite figured out the whole podcast thing yet. So, no. I don't get a lot of opportunity to even listen to my mp3 player since I don't really have a desk job or a very long commute.

The only one I really ever listen to is Geeks On with Eric when we are driving somewhere. We know one of the guys on it, so Eric downloads it. It can be fairly entertaining. They lose me a bit if their episode is too video game talk intensive though.

2. I see you got a lot of interesting things for the holler-days. No one wants to pick a favorite but what really stood out to you?
I'd have to say seeing Little Drummer Bowie. I'm so sorry you didn't get to see it. It was hilarious and I laughed so much. It really helped bring me out of my holiday funk a bit. But yeah, I don't like picking a favorite, so I'm going to say Solvang was great too.
Oops! I realized I didn't answer your question appropriately. Yes, I did get some cool holiday gifts. Stand-outs include my artwork by Ted Meyer, the books I received, and my iDog. Oh, and I got a really, really cool fuzzy orange scarf!

3. Did you have fireworks at Disney on New Year'’s Day or was it too rainy? Did you see that crazy Tinkerbell? Would you do that? (if you don'’t know what I am talking about then clearly you didn't see it)
They did cancel the fireworks on New Year's Day, however we saw a bit of the display while having dinner in New Orleans Square the previous Thursday night. We couldn't see much of the fireworks, but we heard everything and saw Tinkerbell. I've see her a few times before and HELL NO! I'd never do that!

4. I have only been to Solvang once and I didn'’t get to have any aebelskiver (but I bought some mix and never made it)! What do you like to do in Solvang? (They have a good book store if I remember correctly).
There is a good book store and lots of other unique shops. There used to be a great toy store too, but it closed, as did several of the shops. I like to walk around, eat some aebelskivers and other Danish food. There's a pet supply store we always go to and that was one place we were able to take the dogs in. We really didn't go into many shops since the canines were with us. It was a beautiful day though and a great place to take photos. It's very small and quiet, so a few hours is usually enough.

5. Any particular stand out moment of 2005?
I can NOT narrow this down to just one. There were several, including:
  • Seeing all five original members of Duran Duran in concert
  • Our 10th Anniversary/Belated Wedding Reception/Oscar party
  • Visiting with some college friends in NY
  • My first trip to the Sundance Film Fest
6. Any thing you are particularly looking forward to in 2006?
  • Sundance
  • Comic Con
  • Possibly getting a new digital camera (I'll be checking them out in Vegas at CES!)
7. I hate resolutions, I prefer to have motto for the year. What do you think your motto for 2006 will be?
"Less eating, more drinking!!!"

8. What do you think will be the "big thing" for 2006?
Impeachment of the President and/or portable media devices (hey, I can tell you more after CES!)

9. Come to think of it, what the heck was the "“big thing"” for 2005?
Portable media devices, Xbox 360 Playstation 3, and Blu-ray DVD

10. Please tell me one thing you will absolutely, positively get done this year…
Write and/or assemble and self-publish a book or two. (Maybe if I get them done in time for Comic Con, maybe a couple of nice geeks I know will let me put a few out at their booth in exhange for (wo)manning the table some!)


Anonymous said...

What subject(s) will your book(s) be on?

Unknown said...

I'm guessing Jodi's books will be "dirty books" very erotic and naughty, but she will use the pseudonym Eric Duran so the clerks at Trader Joe's won't won't know her lil' secret.

Let's all guess Titles for Jodi's books!



Memoir=On the Road with the Barenaked Ladies

Okay, now you try!

Jodi said...

Oh Jerry, I'm afraid you'll be really disappointed! However, I hope people play along with your game. How fun!

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