I'm still exhausted from Tuesday night and from my asthma, which has been acting up like crazy for the past several days.

I did end up uploading a few of the photos-that-sort-of-turned-out-okay of John Doe and Rancid on my flickr site. They are in my Music Set if you are looking for them.

P.S. In just little over 5 hours, I will officially be on vacation until February 7!


ren said...

so...freakin'...jealous. have a nice vacay. and it at all surprising that i am just a little bit in love with john doe? nice pictures.

K. Marie said...

Are you heading up this way? It's been snowing a ton -- bring shoes!

Anonymous said...

John Doe rocks. As does Exene Cervenka, who is homies with my cousin.

Jodi said...

John Doe does rock. He performs at Largo from time to time (every Thursday this month).

I'd personally like to be homies with Exene's ex-husband!

SJ said...

I'm jealous. I have to wait another 114 days until my vacation!

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