I'm still exhausted from Tuesday night and from my asthma, which has been acting up like crazy for the past several days.

I did end up uploading a few of the photos-that-sort-of-turned-out-okay of John Doe and Rancid on my flickr site. They are in my Music Set if you are looking for them.

P.S. In just little over 5 hours, I will officially be on vacation until February 7!


ren said...

so...freakin'...jealous. have a nice vacay. and it at all surprising that i am just a little bit in love with john doe? nice pictures.

K. Marie said...

Are you heading up this way? It's been snowing a ton -- bring shoes!

Jodi said...

John Doe does rock. He performs at Largo from time to time (every Thursday this month).

I'd personally like to be homies with Exene's ex-husband!

SJ said...

I'm jealous. I have to wait another 114 days until my vacation!

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