If Dogs Could Haiku

cone is not funny
why are you laughing at me?
you will get no sleep

That's my 13 year-old American Eskimo dog, Cosette. She had some benign growths removed from her snout, chin, and head on Monday and will be wearing this fashionable e-collar, aka cone, for 7-10 days. The first day was alright as she was still a bit drowsy. However, now she is feisty and being a real pain.

Last night was awful. Cosette was so restless and I barely got any sleep. One thing you must understand about Cosette is that she is very intelligent. I think she kept me up on purpose. Since I laugh at her wearing the cone.

I'm a bad dog-mom.


madretz said...

Poor Cosette...and poor you...for not getting any sleep.

Do you think insomnia and haiku go hand in hand sometimes? I've just written 4 and it's 3:19am. It's kind of funny/coincidental that I just checked your blog to re-read your past haiku's and here's another one!! So if you see haiku's popping up on my blog, it's because of your inspiration. Thank you in advance. :)
Perhaps the lack of sleep helps them make sense?

K. Marie said...

My husband, bless his sheltered childhood, honestly believed until recently that dogs who wear those are "retarded." Not that it makes them that way, but that it's a precaution -- akin to the stereotype of a child who must wear protective headgear.

Jodi said...

madretz: Haiku writing is bizarre. I don't suffer insomnia per se, but I have stayed up too late because once I get on a haiku roll, I just keep going.

karenna: Thank you for possibly the best blog comment I've ever gotten. It's inspiring my next post!

mipmup. said...

has she hit her head on the walls/doorways yet? that is lots of fun to watch.

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