All's Well That Ends Well

It turns out I was not the only one in my book club who had trouble getting through the selection we've been working on for the last couple of months. We discussed what we could and are putting it aside. We were reading Collapse by Jared Diamond, which has some very interesting things to say, but needs to be edited down severely. For all of his talk of societies destroying the environment, he sure did kill a lot of trees for this book!

Anyway, I've ordered a used copy of our next couple of choices, so while I await their arrivals, I can dive into Duran Duran: Notorious without guilt. I got it for Christmas and have really wanted to get going on it, but felt obligated to finish the book club one first. So much for that.

Before I get into the history of The Fab Five though, I must watch the final episode of Battlestar Galactica from the first season and then start hunting down the episodes from this season I've missed. We either have them sitting on the Tivo or unmarked dvd's.

Good hunting.


Chris said...

I loved Guns, Germs, and Steel, but man, is Diamond long winded. I agree that he needs a better editor.

Collapse is on my "to read" list, though.

Jodi said...

I should've read Guns, Germs, and Steel first. I still hope to read it and I do plan to still read some of Collapse, especially the chapter on L.A.

One of my book club members said she just read the last 4 pages of each chapter and he summarized so well that she got the ideas.

mipmup. said...

i totally wanted to be mipmup taylor growing up. let me know how you like the book!

Jodi said...

Which Taylor, mipmup?

I was going to be Jodi Rhodes. I did get to shake Nick's hand a little over a year ago...I can die a happy woman! LOL!

Joanne said...

I was all about Roger Taylor growing up. And my best friend loved Simon Le Bon. I remember when he got married and we were so sad. We always thought Andy Taylor was kind of creepy looking. I <3 Duran Duran.

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