Oh Frack!

I really need to stop watching Battlestar Galactica! I just remembered I have my book club meeting tomorrow night.

I'm really, really behind in the reading.

And, I read slowly.

But I only have one-and-a-half episodes from the first season left to watch.

Frackity frack frack!!!


SJ said...

By -- Your -- Command!


Chris said...

It is a great frackin' show...

I just did the marathon catch-up thing with "Lost" - Netflixed the first season and watched them 2 or 3 a night, then download all of season 2 up to now from iTunes and watched them with my iPod connected to the TV. Tomorrow night will be the first episode I've seen "live".

Jodi said...

Yes, "Lost" is great too. I've watched that from the beginning. I'm really regretting not watching BSG from the beginning. This marathon is exhausting. I keep dreaming about it too!

K. Marie said...

Both those shows, highly addictive.

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