Mondays Don't Always Suck

  • Due to the holiday, there was very little traffic this morning.
  • A good friend returned to town/work.
  • I made dinner plans for Wednesday.
  • I talked to my sister and wished her a "happy birthday."
  • I left work early.
  • Cosette had her sutures removed, meaning she is out of the cone.
  • I will be leaving work early again tomorrow.
  • I bought a cool purse with a robot on it.
  • My Battlestar Galactica marathon continues and I'm almost caught up to current episodes.
  • I had tater tots for with my dinner.
  • I'm anticipating an event tomorrow night. More on that later.


Joanne said...

Mmm.... tater tots. I love tater tots. :)

ren said...

hey, sorry that we couldn't get together. well..we could, but i would cough on you. and possibly sneeze, and sweat. and not really pay attention due to the drugs (that by the way, do nothing for the cough). anyway...sorry.

mipmup. said...

mmmmmm. tater tots.

SJ said...

Ok, I need to try Tater Tots when I come to the US, just to see what all the fuss is about!

Unknown said...

I know this might sound Whiskey-Tango (White Trash) but I love Tater-tots too! And I've found Sonic's to be pretty good! Seriously, try them! They also have a shake-like thing that smells like Sunscreen... It may be sunscreen...

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