It's Cold In Utah!

I have really acclimated to Southern California "weather." I've lived in cold areas and went to college in Ithaca, NY which is known for its own special brand of winter hell.

We arrived in Park City for Sundance last night. We are crammed into a condo with a lot of cool people. None of us slept much. Eric and I saw one screening this morning of TV Junkie. It was great.

That's it for my first update from Sundance. I'm tired, I have a headache from the altitude, and I need to go get in a wait list line for the next film I want to see.


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K. Marie said...

I hear ya cluckin', big chicken! Can you see the beautimous inversion from up there? That nasty gray cloud of smog draped over the valley?

Wish I could get in on some of the films this year. I DID snag tickets to see Martin Sexton and Minnie Driver perform tonight at a new club downtown. I loves me some Martin Sexton.

If you do come down in the valley for any reason, you MUST head to The Bayou for sweet potato fries. I insist.


SJ said...

I got sunstroke in Utah. Guess I must have been in the next city along!

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