The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

I've been intending to do some sort of week-in-review post for oh, a week or so now. It's been a busy one and an overall good one. I'll just touch on some of the highlights, thus far.

Last Saturday, after our lovely walk among the coyotes, we decided to take in dinner and a movie. E still had a couple of tokens for the Holly Trolley, which is to help people bar-hop and avoid the parking hassles in Hollywood on Thursday through Saturday nights.
  • The Good: We parked at Hollywood & Highland and sat at the counter at California Pizza Kitchen. We were served and ate in near record time. Also, we really enjoyed Hot Fuzz. In spite of nearly being late, I was able to get some popcorn too.
  • The Bad: After dinner we missed the Holly Trolley. So, we walked quite quickly to try to catch it at the next stop. We ended up walking to the Arclight, which isn't that big of a deal, but we had full bellies and had already gone on a good walk. As we were cutting it close on time, we had to walk really fast. I hate getting sweaty when I'm not intending to, so I was kind of annoyed. After the movie, we had trouble catching the trolley to go back, as it did not follow the route that is listed online. We walked back about halfway and caught it, but they would not take the tokens. The Holly Trolley sucks.
  • The Ugly: Drunk people in Hollywood on a Saturday night are awful. Especially the ones that scream right in your ear as you are innocently descending to the depths of the parking garage.
Having gone to a late movie on Saturday night, we overslept on Sunday.
  • The Good: We ended up having an early dinner at Birds and catching the free Asssscat show at the UCB Theater. Mo Collins was the guest monologist and she was pretty funny. She's also really, really skinny. I wanted to buy her a sandwich.
  • The Bad: We missed out on the L.A. Times Festival of Books. Maybe next year. I say that every year. I've never been to it.
  • The Ugly: We did go to the once-a-month L.A. Comic Con, which is pretty lame. The ugliest part of this is that I'm only now finding out that an artist I really like (David Petersen) had been there.
I'll group various things from last week here:
  • The Good: Awesome episode of Heroes this past Monday! I'm sort of bummed that the season is winding down.

    On Tuesday, I saw Tim Finn play at Largo. I'd never seen him perform and it was a treat. He was mesmerizing and I could have listened to him for hours. It never hurts to see someone good in such an intimate setting where they are only 20 feet away.

    Thursday night was opening night of the Silver Lake Film Festival. I chatted with some nice guys about The Office while waiting for the theater to open and I met a really cute dog.

    We got to see Circle Jerks perform for free.They sounded great.

    On Friday night, we saw a block of short films that, in general, did not suck. That was followed by some pumpkin pie.

    I had a bit of a day of beauty on Saturday, starting with getting my hair trimmed, getting my annual pedicure, and updating my highlights. I also managed to stop in a couple of comic shops for Free Comic Book Day and picked up several issues. We saw a great documentary called King of Kong. It's an excellent companion piece to a film we saw at Sundance called Chasing Ghosts, which features many of the same people.
  • The Bad: Overall, the film festival organization has left much to be desired. The opening night screening started really late. On top of that, I didn't even enjoy the film Fay Grim. There was a lot of confusion, delays, and general clusterfuckery the following night for the shorts program as well. I'm glad my pass is free.
  • The Ugly: Shopping for a baby shower gift at Babies 'R Us. Now I know why people hate that place. I felt so tired Thursday night that I left the Circle Jerks show after a few songs. My house remains a disaster. Little Guy is limping again. My feet before the pedicure.
Today, I'm helping some friends with their table at the Santa Fe Art Colony Open Studios, possibly having coffee with a friend (too overextended), and volunteering at the Kids In The Hall show at the Steve Allen Theater. I'm confident that those will all be good things.


SJ said...

Tim Finn? Ok - dude! - seriously, he rocks!

I am a HUGE Split Enz fan... about 2 years ago I saw Tim in concert in Melbourne - he was touring with his brother Neil (Crowded House & also Split Enz with Tim) as The Finn Brothers: they seriously played one of the best shows I've seen.

What songs did he play?

Nanette said...

Phew! You've been busy! Sorry you've had "the bad" and "the ugly."

Anonymous said...

Have a GREAT MONDAY my friend.


Yvett said...

Wow, you have done a lot of things.

I thought of you this weekend. I was watching The Soup and they showed a video of a baby hamster.

madretz said...

I'm tired just reading all that you've been up to! Sorry to hear about Little Guy, though.

Anonymous said...

Tim & Neil Finn come from New Zealand and I see Neil Finn (Crowded House) around a lot as he lives in my area. Love them in concert.
I've discovered a new word I seriously like ... "clusterfuckery!"
Brilliant ... thank you. lol!

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