The End Of Maker Faire, But Not The Final Post

Maker Faire 2007 was a great experience and I'm really glad E and I had a chance to participate. If we have the opportunity in the future though we will have fewer exhibits (we had three) and we will hopefully have some help to cover for breaks, etc. After getting a feel for the crowd flow on Saturday, we did each get to take some time today to check out other makers and vendors, as well as do some shopping. I even got to take some photos, which I will get around to uploading eventually.

Due to generalized exhaustion and achiness, I can't think straight enough to do a proper post. I will write up something a bit more detailed about what we did with a photo or two. I'll even include the snarky list of rules I was inspired to create today.


Brenda Griffith said...

Shows are *exhausting* to do, aren't they? I always want to wander and see everyone else's stuff but am either too busy with my own (for a good show), or in my booth obsessing about missing the one person who might drop in to order if I leave (at a slow show).

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