I intend to do a "wrap up" post of my recent experience at Maker Faire, which was excellent for those of you confused by my previous posts. I have not had the time to sit and do that quite yet. So instead, I give you:

Hamster Jetlag Cured By Viagra (!)

Where do people come up with these research studies? And, geez, I must be a bad hamster-mom, because my little Ami is lucky to travel from the bedroom to the living room, much less take a trip from New York to Paris!


Brenda Griffith said...

Boggles. The mind just boggles.

Anonymous said...

Quick question for you.

The odds of us falling in love are what?

-signed, someone in love with you

Anonymous said...

Viagra for Hampsters? I like a multi-use product!

SJ said...

I read this - I thought they missed out on a perfect headline of "Up, up & Away!" :)

Anonymous said...

I am love with you too Jodi. I'm just not anonymous about it.

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