I intend to do a "wrap up" post of my recent experience at Maker Faire, which was excellent for those of you confused by my previous posts. I have not had the time to sit and do that quite yet. So instead, I give you:

Hamster Jetlag Cured By Viagra (!)

Where do people come up with these research studies? And, geez, I must be a bad hamster-mom, because my little Ami is lucky to travel from the bedroom to the living room, much less take a trip from New York to Paris!


Brenda and Dave Griffith said...

Boggles. The mind just boggles.

Anonymous said...

Quick question for you.

The odds of us falling in love are what?

-signed, someone in love with you

Anonymous said...

Viagra for Hampsters? I like a multi-use product!

SJ said...

I read this - I thought they missed out on a perfect headline of "Up, up & Away!" :)

Anonymous said...

I am love with you too Jodi. I'm just not anonymous about it.

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