Urban Nature Redux

I've mentioned the prevalence of wildlife in my city, yard, and occasionally even my house before. This past weekend, we saw four very skinny, hungry looking coyotes close to the road. (I don't understand the people who had parked by them and let their dog out of the car without a leash. Idiots.) Later, as we walked with Rusty around the Silver Lake reservoir, it started getting dark and we were treated to a chorus of coyote howls.

Last night after a trip to the market, I encountered this critter on my porch:


Baby possum, just outside my front door.


Anonymous said...


Gurl.I don't even have the words..LOL

possum stew?


Anonymous said...

cute...but ornery.

madretz said...

The first time I remember seeing a possum was at my house in Whittier, staring at me through the window, wet, with those beady glowing little eyes.
Jimmy remembers when he was a kid and the possum family was eating their kittens.
As anonymous said, ornery.

Anonymous said...

My father saw one in front of our house and ran in telling me that there was an alien outside. Sadly, I'm not kidding.

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