Survived Day One

Maker Faire, Day One is done. I don't have time to say much. I honestly didn't really get to see anything as our tables were so busy. I did get to meet a lovely bloggy friend in person, which was fun! There was also a surprise run-in with a co-worker who I didn't even know was going to be here. I'm thinking I need to try to arrive super-early tomorrow to see what I can before the throngs of people* arrive.

*I am amazed at how many people are rude asshats** and have no respect for property one is displaying. Amazed.

**Lots of folks are nice too.


Anonymous said...

Regarding * and **, well said Sybil.

madretz said...

It was so cool meeting you too! Hopefully next time we meet up we'll get the chance to talk a little more. I can only imagine how tired you and E are after such a long day and all the evening events you guys had planned. I was exhausted and slept 11 hours last night.

Sorry to hear about the jerks. Unfortunately, I think that level of geeky-ness comes with a level of social inability, too.

I'll send you copies of the pics Phin took of us. :)

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