There's Always A First Time

A few things I'd never done before this weekend:
  • Treated myself to a second pedicure within one month.
  • Eaten a full-on Thanksgiving dinner in May.
  • Bowled a 160! (Okay, it was on a Wii, but I'd never done that either).
  • Gotten up the nerve to eat white Jello. It was pretty tasty.
  • Gone to a Star Wars convention.


Anonymous said...

White jello is made of people!!

Brenda Griffith said...

Oh I gotta try me some of that jello! You know, if you were really anal, you could set the jello colors in cookie cutters, then lay out the designs in the big pan and fill in around them with the white jello. Or you could make a mosaic with them ala Marc Chagall and use the white jello as the "grout". Oh the possibilities!

Anonymous said...

A Star Wars convention??? They have those??? Do tell!

Jodi said...

@ Aggie: Oh yes they do and even though I barely attended 1/5 of the show, I do hope to find some time to write about it. Or at least get my photos posted.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to get a Wii.

The Mad Doctor said...

I love my Wii. It's addictive.

Rayman Raving Rabbids is the devil. Just saying.

You are now Uber Dork having attended a Star Wars convention.

That said, my favorite movie of th entire series was Empire Strikes Back.

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