Happy Jack Bauer Appreciation Day!

I didn't even know and have said the 'D' word many times today already!


Nanette said...

I had no idea!

Sadly I've "broken up" with 24 recently. I just couldn't take it.

SJ said...

How long does it last?

Hahahahaha for some reason I found that really funny :)

Anonymous said...

I have never seen 24
Sorry after Prison Break I don't watch anything else.



Jodi said...

Nanette: I don't blame you. I think a lot of people feel that way. It's kind of a crappy season, but I'm shallow enough to keep watching for my Kiefer fix!

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for 24 to be all over and I can cause myself some major damage by watching all the seasons in one horrendous marathon on DVD.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the first 2 series of 24 and then lost interest after that.

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