Catch Up Day

We all need time to catch up from life sometimes. That's what today is for me. I'm catching up on sleep, laundry, photo uploading, photo challenges, email, bills, and Battlestar Galactica. For whatever reason, I never started watching the series. Okay, it may be that I tend to not like shows set in space (besides Red Dwarf that is). Anyway, so many of my nerdy friends, including my husband, love the show so much that I decided to give it a look. I started with the nearly 4-hour miniseries and have watched eight of the 13 episodes of the first season. Now I know what all of the acclaim is about. It is a dramatic show with very compelling characters. I think I even dreamed about some of them last night!

I'm exhausted from our trip to Vegas, but it was a great time. CES was huge and overwhelming as usual. My absolute favorite thing was the ASIMO demonstration. It is an amazing robot.

Otherwise, I was hoping to seeing and comparing different digital cameras. There really wasn't a lot in the way of still cameras on display. I did do a demo at the Creative booth of a video blog. It was fun, but the video itself is kind of scary. Luckily, the link doesn't seem to be working, so I won't be posting it!

On Saturday night we had dinner with some friends from L.A. We haven't seen them for months at home, but were able to meet up in Las Vegas. After dinner, Eric and I headed over to the Venetian for the annual event we've dubbed the "porn parade." Each year, the Adult Entertainment Expo and the AVN Awards (porn Oscars) are held the same weekend as CES. The award show takes place on Saturday evening at the Venetian, so we usually head over to that casino between 11pm and midnight for some excellent people watching as people are leaving the event. Some of it is downright frightening and sad. But never dull. I am amused watching all of the other people (mostly men) lined up to watch too.


Jodi said...

Yeah, we wondered that one year and realized what was going on. There is always a degree of slutty dressers in Vegas, but this goes to the extreme!

Part of CES was at the Sands Expo Center this year, along side the Adult Expo. What a diverse crowd! Geeks and well, yeah...the porn folks!

madretz said...

omg, i *so* would have been there with my camera. Probably taking more pics of the spectators than the attractions. Very funny.

Jodi said...

My husband shot some 3D video. Not sure how it turned out. I tried to get a couple of shots, but the only thing I really ended up with was the back of a bride and groom sneaking through to get to their room!

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