Why Do Cats Hate Me?

Okay, why does one particular cat hate me?

Love bites, my ass.

I know she's pissed off because her mom left her alone for the holidays, but geez! I feed her, I coo at her (oh, maybe that's the problem?), I pet her, I wiggle that feathery thing on the long stick in front of her (cats like that, right?) and what do I get?

Hissing and biting!

Ungrateful feline! Luckily, I don't believe in cruelty to animals or I'd let her starve!

Maybe I smell too much like my dogs.

Ren, if you are reading this...I am totally kidding. I would not not feed Audrey. I'm sure she'll settle down a bit soon and we'll rekindle that bond we once shared for 10 minutes. : )


Anonymous said...

Yes, the long stick with the feather on it, is always a favorite. Can you maybe give her some tuna? Cats can have a little here and there. Just as a treat.

Jodi said...

Well, I won't go out of the feeding guidelines my friend gave me. I just kept my distance today. We'll see. We've always had sort of a love-hate relationship, Audrey and me.

120BPM said...

Just get her intoxicated with catnip and she'll love you. My cat Turlow has a little problem with the dogs, but once he's doped up, he cant even hiss correctly and just wants to love on the catnip.

Jodi said...

I did notice a container of catnip, so that may be the answer! (I'll check with her owner first!)

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