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His name is Randy
He is Earl's younger brother
He makes me giggle.

Okay, this is what my blog is devolving to. Haikus. I got on roll and was cranking them out last night. Eric joined in and it was almost a competition. The above one is a variation of the one I shouted out from bed...I just couldn't stop (I can't remember the original).

Cosette is our dog
She has a wart on her snout
She is getting old.

Little Guy is soft
He likes to snuggle with me
He needs a diaper.

See? I think perhaps my brain is so tired and full that I can only blurt out thoughts in these 17 syllable poems. Not sure they are worthy enough to be called "poetry" though. Oh no, here comes one two more!

It is time for lunch
I don't want to socialize
I wish I could nap.

Aaron in Thailand
Happy Father's Day to you
And little Rayluk


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with your car?

-Aaron said...

Thanks for the haiku! The Little Guy one kinda fits too!

Jodi said...

No problem!

Yeah, I hate comparing my dogs to human kids (since non-dog people with human kids get really offended), but it does fit.

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