Who Knew?

Disneyland closes when they get "full." That occurred today by 10:30 am. We got there late in the afternoon. So, we bought 2-day "park hopper" tickets and spent a few hours at California Adventure (that's all you need really, in my opinion). We then got some dinner during the fireworks show at Disneyland and went to the Enchanted Tiki Room.

We will return to Disneyland on Sunday. New Year's Day.

I hope I'm not too hungover.


Anonymous said...

Is the Tiki room, the place with the birds that sing? If so, that is my favorite place there.

K. Marie said...

Is there something wrong with me, on a fundamental level, because I have LESS THAN NO DESIRE TO EVER, EVER, EVER VISIT DISNEYLAND?!

With kids, without kids, even on "off season." It all seems like a grotesquely magical pain in the ass.

Jodi said...

There's probably nothing wrong with you, Karenna. Many share your feelings. I like going at least once a year. Around 6pm, all you hear is wailing kids who have just had too much! I even heard some grouchy adults last night. It's not for everyone that's for sure!

madretz said...

I wonder how many people they consider "full"? I can't imagine how long the lines must have been, it's crazy enough during a weekend!

I agree that it isn't for everyone. My husband has no desire to go because he can't stand crowds and standing in line. But I love it so I try to go once a year with friends. This year was special for me because it was the 50th anniversary and we went when everything was decorated for Christmas. For 2 days, I had the Christmas spirit. Unfortunately, the scrooge came back on our drive back up to the bay area.

Hope it doesn't rain on Sunday for's pouring in the sierras.

Have a great celebration tomorrow night! Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

I don't know who this Karenna is, but What is wrong with her?!


The Happ-Happ-Happiest Place on EARTH?

What? She hate sweaty virus spreading crowds or something?

Disney World, Now THAT's a place to go!

Or maybe EuroDisney!!!

The Word Verification I had to type in just so you could read my magic, is:


Is THAT a real Word?

Joanne said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Disneyland! When I lived in CA, I had an annual pass and went probably monthly (which is slightly ridiculous I know.) We're planning the great family vacation for spring break and I will be going as part of that. I've never seen it close for fullness, but I've always gone when I figured it wouldn't be too god awful, like the Friday before Christmas break for the schools.

Jodi said...

Monday is probably better, but I have to work. Ugh. I had to work last Monday and today (well, yesterday, 12/31, too).

K. Marie said...

Jerry -- pjfyohd is ebonic for "night cap," I believe.

Unknown said...

Hey Karenna! If you mix one up for me I'll drink it! I need one!

Next time I play Scramble I'm using, "pjfyohd" and saying, "Just ask Karenna, It's really a word, like Apjhdi, Today's Word Verification!"

I'm thinking of going to DL sometime this month. I went a little over a year ago (by myself!) and was completely bored. But had the BEST Corndog ever!

Maybe I'll meet someone who'll go with me soon. Come on Jodi, Hook me up! I'm almost cute...


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