That's me today.

Work is stressful.
Low staff.
Asshats making bad decisions.
Too much paperwork.

I'm going to a funeral tomorrow.
A funeral for a woman only two years older than me.
I have no clue what to wear.

It's December already.
The "holiday season" is now in full swing.
I'm not in the mood.
I don't want to hear your damn jingly bells.
And I'd rather not listen to Christmas tunes on the office radio.

I'm tired and cranky.
I need a nap.
I'll settle for some caffeine. A peppermint mocha may be the pick-me-up I need.

Off to the coffee bar, I suppose.


SJ said...

Peppermint Mocha - of course, it's December... Starbucks Aussie starts selling the good stuff again!

ren said...

oh hey odi, hang in there. take your peppermint mocha and oreo communion and hang in there. today feels like crap for me too.

ren said...

it's 5:20 and i just got a peppermint mocha. somehow things look a little better now...

Anonymous said...

Hope your evening has been better than you day. I am so there with you on Christmas songs...enough already. Looking forward to the first week in Jan when all holidays are over. :)

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