Soccer Moms We Aren't

My buddy Ren invited me to go to a party with another friend of ours tonight. It was a demonstration type parties where everyone can buy something at the end of the evening. This one involved food, so we got to taste a variety of different soups, dips, sauces, and desserts. It was pretty fun, especially with a couple of glasses of wine.

As the festivities progressed, there was this odd feeling I started having (no, not from the wine...that's a good feeling!). I shared some glances with Ren and Ms. S, knowing they were experiencing some of the same thoughts. This happened more frequently after a couple of guests arrived late.

Most of the women at the get-together seemed to be in their mid-30's to early-40's, near as we could tell. The event location was in a fairly new development 20-some miles north of L.A., where the houses on every precious street are one of three models. The competition with the Christmas lights has clearly begun, but that is another topic.

Anyway, I think in many ways, the three of us city girls lead quite different lives than most of the women we met. I'm not saying we're better and I'm not judging, but I'm just observing. For one thing, we all have full-time jobs. We're married or engaged, but none of us have children. Two out of the three of us enjoy and have a talent for cooking.

There was something "Stepford" about a few of the other women and their practically identical houses, their inability to cook a meal for their children, and their involvement with The Girl Scouts. Everyone was very nice and a few were quite funny. It was fun to share some laughs, but I am still struck by how different are the lives we lead.

I almost felt like a kid at a party my Mom was hosting. I can't put my finger on it, but I'm wondering if the other women are more mature and if we are childish. Or are they "older" for their age and are we are "younger?" I don't know and I guess it doesn't really matter. I just found it interesting.


ren said...

yeah, it was...odd. but i still maintain that the food was far better than i expected. i hate to think of myself as a "city girl" or think that i am childish...wait...i am childish. nevermind.

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