They Don't Look Like Presbyterians To Me

We had a free holiday lunch at work today. I guess dry turkey and flavorless mashed potatoes are okay when they are free. I guess.

I've been trying to kick my haiku obsession, but it just isn't working. I wrote several for/about various co-workers today. I have a problem.

My title obviously has nothing to do with this entry. It just happens to be one of my favorite quotes from The Muppet Movie, which was excellent as a midnight movie last Friday, by the way.

I made an ass of myself today. It provided some humor for a few co-workers. I'm sorry, but if someone steps out of an elevator with a big wreath, complete with packages, on their head, I think that warrants an outloud "wow!"

I obviously don't have much to say.

I guess I'll just go bowling.


ren said...


and that is my mother's favorite line from the muppet movie as well (she doesn't look like a presbyterian either but she is one). personally i am fond of the bear in his natural habitat line.

-Aaron said...

Ha! That's my favorite line outta the Muppet Movie too. But they're all so good! "Uh-oh, looks like Zoot skipped a groove again."

SJ said...

Ah the Muppets! Wonderful :)

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