Sometimes It's The Simple Things

I've always loved it when the title of an album appears as a song lyric instead of a title of one of the songs. It's very silly, but one of those simple things that gives me a thrill. Of course, I can now only think of a few.
  • Whatever and Ever Amen in "The Battle of Who Could Care Less" (Ben Folds Five)
  • Under the Table and Dreaming in "Ants Marching" (Dave Matthews Band)
  • Awake is the New Sleep in "Whatever It Is" (Ben Lee)
  • Don't Tell a Soul in "We'll Inherit the Earth" (The replacements)

Super, extra double bonus points though to Culture Club. Kissing to be Clever is a line that appears in "Miss Me Blind" on the 1983 Colour by Numbers album. Kissing to be Clever was their 1982 release.


ren said...

can i just say that you sound like a total music geek in that last paragraph? DORK! hee!

Jodi said...

Yeah, well, they say it takes a dork to know a dork...DORK! Tee hee!

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