Help Me Now!

I was just in my local Sav-on (pharmacy, candy, school supplies, etc.) and was a bit surprised to see they've already stocked an aisle with Halloween candy. It's not even September yet! I'm trying to see the positive side of this and thinking of the possibilities for feeding my latest obsession with photographing things that are orange. How will I stop from feeding my sweet tooth though? Who buys this stuff in August? Only people who are going to eat it now! Ack! Help me!

Part of the reason it is taking me so long to read the book Candyfreak is that when I read its descriptions of various types of candies, many of which I've never even eaten, I start having mad cravings. I was reading it earlier which led me to pick up a Chris Ungar, er...Big Hunk...when I went to Sav-on. (I also got some pens...I love school supplies!)

The time between now and my favorite holiday is going to go quickly. I will hopefully be able to control myself and not over-indulge on the sugary goodness in the orange packaging. Temptation is difficult, but I will hopefully prevail. Besides, before you know it, Halloween will be a memory and the Xmas decorations will have replaced my nemesis.


Anonymous said...

At our walmart Christmas decorations are already. Unbelievable.

ren said...

oooh, i love school supplies too! but believe me, i bought a lot of that candy in candy freak and there is some that you just don't want to try. the cherry ones spring to mind. i still have nightmares of those.

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