Long Weekend Complete with Fighting Robots

My long weekend is not one in the good sense. It's going to be a very long weekend in the sense that I have to go to work both days and have plans at night. So, I'm very happy to not be at work today.

Tonight's agenda includes Live Robot Warfare, which sounds pretty cool, if not loud. I'm not very fond of really loud noises, so I'll just plug my ears if I have to.

All day Saturday and Sunday I'll be taking a continuing education course at work. Since my department is sponsoring the course, most of my co-workers are going and we did not get to take the normal education comp days we get to take.

Tomorrow night I'm going to try to make a quick appearance at a friend's art show before heading over to CIA for Rasputin's Minstrels, which will include the traveling marionette puppet show of circus sideshow freaks. I love it. Following that show, there is midnight comedy that I just may have to skip seeing as I have to be somewhere at 7:30 am Sunday morning. Okay, how much does that suck?

I've listed a few fun things to do in L.A. this weekend. I also want to plug a movie that is opening today in L.A., N.Y., Chicago, Dallas, and Philadelphia called My Date with Drew. It will be opening in many other cities including Phoenix, Vancouver, and Boston on the 12th or 19th. You can look up theaters on the movie's website. I saw a screening a few weeks ago and the film is a very charming documentary. So, I'm doing my part to spread the word about this small independent film that really needs to bring in some box office this weekend! If I'm still awake Sunday evening, I may try to see it to help their numbers.


ren said...

"marionette puppet show of circus sideshow freaks" that's just...yeah.

Jodi said...

Yeah, you'd probably hate it. I've seen it a couple of times and I like it. There's even a geek that bites the head off a chicken...good times.

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