The Week in Music and Why I Love Frito Pie

CDs I bought this week:
  • Out-of-State Plates-Fountains of Wayne
  • Twin Cinema-The New Pornographers
  • The Bravery-The Bravery
  • Live at Tower Records EP-Ben Folds
Music related DVD purchase:
  • The Barenaked Truth, a Canadian BNL dvd with concert and interview footage
Concerts I have or will attend:
  • ABC w/Naked Eyes
  • L.A. Philharmonic conducted by John Williams (9/3)
  • Brian Wilson w/Polyphonic Spree (9/4)
  • Louis XIV performing with screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (9/5)

Good stuff heard on the radio this morning:

  • This morning on Indie 103.1, Dicky Barrett played his "favorite Simon and Garfunkel song: 'The Boxer.'" That's my favorite too and I got so excited I drove right to work, forgetting to go to the post office to mail something important.
  • Dicky and company on 103.1 were giving props to Stewart Copeland as being an amazing drummer.

Frito Pie rocks because:

  • It's a meal you can make right in the bag.
  • I love the crunchy combined with the gooey chili and cheese.
  • Great combination of flavors.


Anonymous said...

Frito pie? Sounds great. Can you send me the instructions?

ren said...

it's not that i don't like frito pie. it was really just an example of things that SOMEONE may have eaten as a child and not really cared for or a food that may horrify another person. and i don't really eat the meat chili so...but i ate my share of mock frito pie in college (no bag, no meat) and i can tell you it is far better than CHICKEN LIVER STROGANOFF!

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