Questions from Ren

My friend Karen sent me a list of questions that I agreed to answer here on my blog. I think she and my sister are the only people that even read this, so anyway, here goes:

1. so…if you weren’t reading this right now, what would you be doing?
Packing up my stuff to leave work.

2. ok, if you could do anything in the world as a career, other than what you currently do, what would it be?
This one is tough. I've known what I wanted to do since 7th or 8th grade. However, I always fantasized about being a professional ballet dancer!

3. i know you love dark chocolate but do you have a favorite type?
Lately I've really been into Scharffen Berger, especially the one with espresso bean bits.

4. since we’ve both become a fan of “candyfreak”, is there a particular candy (other than above mentioned chocolate bar) that you really like or even have fond childhood memories of?
This is a tough question because I really loves lots of different types of candy! As a child, I really enjoyed Jawbreakers and Atomic Fireballs. I was wimpy though and would "take breaks" from my Fireball and soak it in water. Both candies had the same consistency after being softened somewhat when I would bite into them and chew them. I'm surprised I didn't break my teeth!

-how about one that totally creeps you out (ewww! coconut cuticles!)?
Yeah, anything with coconut is pretty gross to me. I also really despise Jolly Ranchers and any sour candy.

5. i know you just finished reading “harry potter and the half blood prince”. do you have a favorite harry potter character?
Absolutely! Ron Weasley. why? He's a regular, dorky guy who's kind of a slacker, but has a big heart and would do anything to help a friend. I think we'd get along.

-and would you eat a chocolate frog?
Sure! I have a hard time saying no to chocolate and I bet it would be a little crunchy. I like crunchy.

6. how about other books? what’s next on your reading list?
Besides the various things I got at Comic Con, I'd like to read Death's Acre, a book about "The Anthropolgy Research Facility" (aka the Body Farm), a plot of land near the University of Tennessee Medical Center where forensic anthropologists study the decomposition of human corpses in various environments.

7. um…yeah… well, we have both had housekeeping related accidents. do you have any handy cleaning tips you can share? preferably ones that will not injure me?
Hairspray usually gets ink out of clothing. Sorry, that's the best I can do. You know I don't do cleaning well.

8. tell me one little thing that makes you happy.
Taking a nap.

9. are there any internet sites that you visit every day?
Flickr,, Rusty's Blog, Monkeys in the News

10. you like comics, that’s good, but who have you discovered recently that you’d like to sing the praises of?
I'm not sure if by "comics" you mean comic books or comedians. I'm a little dim sometimes. I read it as the former originally, but am now thinking you mean the later. There is a really funny comedy-magician called Fitzgerald who is hilarious. And Greg Proops makes me laugh so hard I cry. I saw him open for Jill Sobule a few months ago and I cried twice!

Edit 08/02/05: So, she was referring to comic books, it turns out. It's a tough question as I haven't gotten around to reading any of my new books. I'm looking forward to Steven Cloud's "Boy on a Stick and Slither" as well as Andy Runton's "Owly." I love the online comic "Patches" by Kelly Vivanco. It makes me laugh type of humor.

11. can i ask you ten more questions next week?
-what about if they are better than these ten?
-what if i give you a dollar, then can i ask more questions?
Cool! A dollar...I could buy some candy! : )

Thanks, Ren!



Anonymous said...

Great questions! Ron is my second favorite character in HP. First, Hagrid. Just something about the lovealbe big guy. (by the way, got the book yesterday *smiles*)

ren said...

um...i actually meant comic books but comics are good too. and thank you. i've been thinking of more interesting things that i SHOULD have asked, so look for more questions next week....

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