I Don't Like Mondays

After having a great weekend and in spite of getting very little sleep last night, I started today off in a good mood. I'm half-way through my workday and am now in a shitty mood. I just hate the feeling that Monday has to be "start over" day and all of the things I put in place last week are ignored or not followed. I don't like spinning my wheels.

While I'm in a ranty kind of mood, I'll just say that I am underwhelmed by Oldtown Pasadena. Everyone else seems to love it, but honestly it's just another area of chain stores...Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Urban Outfitters...that I can't afford to shop in anyway. Also, Pasadena f---ing reams you in parking. You have to pay at the meter even on Sundays!!! It's that or $5-$8 in a lot.

I won't start a "parking in L.A." rant because honestly, I'm usually able to find free parking when I'm in an area of the city or county where it exists. Or I take the subway. Maybe I should've just taken the Gold Line to Pasadena and it wouldn't be an issue.


Jodi said...

True and there is free parking at the meters from 8am-10am I think, but either I'm at work or sleeping! It just seems extra difficult and expensive to park around there.

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