Saturday Recap

We got a late start yesterday, so our lunch became dinner at The Counter in Santa Monica, my favorite place on the West Coast for burgers. They also serve up some scrumptious fried dill pickle chips, a delicacy we'd only had once before in Alabama. Good stuff.

I'd hoped to stop in the Giant Robot store, but we got there after they'd just closed. Another day perhaps.

After some driving around, checking out a funky video store in Hollywood, and avoiding a fight that was occuring outside of a QuinceaƱera, we headed home for a brief stop. Not wanting to call it a night, we thumbed through the L.A. Weekly to see what was going on at 11:45pm.

The Weekly jogged our memory about an event we'd talked about going to, but had forgotten. It started at midnight and was about a 10-minute drive (at that time of night) away.

The Tomorrow Show
was well worth the $5 admission price. The 2-hour comedy show was funny, absurd, entertaining. A couple of known people (such as Emo Phillips) performed. As tired as I was at 11:45pm, I'm really happy I didn't just go to bed. I'd have really missed out.

P.S. Tip of left index finger is still numb.


ren said...

um...maybe you should see the doctor about that? i don't know, just a suggestion. maybe it's a pinched nerve or something.

i was thinking about writing you some questions to answer in your blog. what would you think of such a thing?

Jodi said...

That'd be great! Bring it on!

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