Rusty The Dog

I recently told Eric, my husband, I'd started a blog. He said, "well, you've been blogging for over 2 years now." That's true, but it has been through the eyes of one of my dogs, Rusty. Yes, my dog has a blog.

Pause for laughter.

I know, it's silly. I do enjoy it, but haven't kept up as much with it lately. I started it when Rusty was actively working as a Therapy Dog. He hasn't worked in awhile due to some unfortunate circumstances and due to my laziness in finding him a new job.

Through my photos and my words here, I hope to open up a little bit more. I tend to be a private person though, so this may all end up being mindless drivel. I do a lot of fun things that I hope to write about, but being a bit under the weather this week, I'm not so fun. I've slept A LOT.

I cancelled lunch with a friend today since I'm not feeling so well. My plans include napping, getting a car wash, and mailing my stepdad's birthday present. It will be late as the big day is tomorrow, but most of my gifts are late. The excitement continues.


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