Vacation Recap, Part 2

Wednesday, July 13th (cont.): I switched the clothes in my suitcase, made sure the dogs were all set and we headed down to San Diego. Due to my travel delays, we unfortunately missed Preview Night. Oh well. We had a great, cheap dinner at Fred's though.

Thursday, July 14th: Official first day of Comic-Con! We did have a bit of a snafu picking up our pro badges, but managed to resolve it and get in already. Started out as I always do...headed over to Keith Knight to buy his newest book. Passed out "I *heart* Jason Ho" buttons at the Bongo booth. We browsed the exhibit hall until Eric's short ("The Switch") showed in the Comic- Con Film Festival. There was a pretty good audience and a good response. After that, I headed over to Keith Knight's panel which was really enjoyable. We ended with the "Film Threat" panel. We headed over to Seaport Village for dinner at Buster's. I then made more I *heart* Jason Ho buttons back in the room.

Friday, July 15th: Highlights included the Jhonen Vasquez spotlight and the presentation on the upcoming "The Boondocks" animated series. We also attended the underwhelming Henson 5oth anniversary presentation. We had dinner with a big group (Ren, James, James II ("The Brit"), Angel and others) at Mr. Tiki's. Good drinks, good food, good friends, good times.

Saturday, July 16th: Up early to get to the ABC panel on Lost and some new shows. Afterwards, lined up for the Kevin Smith panel and then the Bradbury, Harryhausen, and Ackerman panel. It was great to see the godfathers of Sci-Fi, but it was pretty boring. They couldn't hear any of the questions and then didn't answer them when repeated. We were a little late to the King Kong panel and then stayed for the Tenacious D performance which was great. Dinner with Dave, Robin, and Sean at Buca di Bepo. Good food, good friends, good times. Dave crashed in our room.

Sunday, July 17th: Last day of Comic-Con! Rush to the floor to buy all of the cool stuff we'd picked out over the prior few days. We took one break for the film festival awards (Eric didn't!) We then did more shopping and headed out a few minutes before the exhibit hall closed. We did pretty well beating traffic and made it to Orange County in time for the Dishwalla, Gin Blossoms, and Tears for Fears concert.

All in all, a great time away from work. I missed my dogs though. Check out my Flickr link to see photos of the trip (and then some).


ren said...

gosh, if i wasn't already falling over tired from doing all that myself, i'd be falling over tired from reading it.

you need a nap.

Anonymous said...
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