More Music from the '80s

I've seen a lot of bands/singers who were big in the '80s perform live this year. That will be another list for another day though.

Last night we saw Howard Jones, The Fixx, and Psychedelic Furs at the Pacific Ampitheater, Orange County Fairgrounds. I've seen HoJo perform a few times and was really looking forward to him. Eric was honestly only interested in his bit of the show. He was really, really great. He sounded amazing and had updated everything to be a bit more electronic. The audience responded well to his set too.

I've never been much of a fan of The Fixx, but they were okay. Their sound was tight and the hits were crowd pleasers.

Having never seen The Furs, I was very excited for the headliner portion of the show. What a major disappointment! Richard Butler sounded great and was entertaining to watch, but you could barely hear him. The sound mix was horrendous with the guitar turned way up and over-distorted. A quarter of the audience left midway through and there were a lot of others complaining as well.

I can only hope Howard Jones will be doing regular tour dates soon so I can enjoy a full length set.


ren said...

noooo! that sucks. i love richard butler, even if i did threaten him once (he bumped into me and i yelled at him). too bad. but i am glad howard was good. he's always lovely.

Jodi said...

Yeah, well, what can you do. At least tickets were only $20. Howard is lovely, sporting a bleached blonde fauxhawk. Very cute!

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