Things I Learned

I like to learn new things, so luckily, I'd say I've had a pretty educational weekend so far:
  • I make pretty good rum and ginger ale drinks.
  • Rum and ginger ale drinks cure headaches.
  • Russian vampire movies are confusing when I'm a little drunk.
  • I should be more careful when taking photos of cars. The driver may actually be in the car.
  • I don't like vomit porn.
  • Almost everyone likes to toast a marshmallow over an open flame.
  • I should have soaked the wooden skewers in water for 20 minutes.
  • Two of my friends have orange-ish hair.
  • The party goes on, no matter how unprepared I feel.
  • My backyard really does smell like a NYC subway.
  • I do like a man in a kilt. Especially if he has leg tattoos.


ren said...

ok, you do make a good drink, but the headache was back by the time i got home! and the movie was confusing and i suspect it would be even completely sober. i don't think your yard smells like i subway but i am pretty sure i got peed on...

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