I *Heart* Jason Ho

For the 2005 Comic Con, I made buttons that said, "I *heart* Jason Ho." Why? I think there was a joke at the '04 show about making shirts that said that and well, it turned into buttons. He didn't know about it until he noticed all of his friends wearing them. For those of you wondering who he is, Jason Ho is a talented artist who works for Bongo Comics. He is also probably the biggest Transformers fan in the entire world.

Jason and Jodi
2005 San Diego Comic Con
(Wow, my hair was short!)

Jason wrote an extensive blog post promoting his work, as well as that of Big Boss Comics and the Tired Girl Collective and what we are all bringing to this year's Comic Con. See why I *heart* him?


J.Ho said...

and ladies, i'm single too!

i'm just sayin.

thanks for the mention jodi!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jodi, that is soooooo cool. Way to go girl.

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