It's A Small World After All

This is not the post I promised, but just an amusing anecdote.

So I'm waiting in line in a public restroom, at a local theatre, just before Eddie Izzard goes on stage. A woman joined the line and I immediately recognized her. I panicked a little, looked away, and decided I'd better say something or I'd regret it later. So we had a little exchange:

I said, "Are you Susan?"

She looked surprised and a bit hesitant, but said, "Yes."

So, to clarify, I asked, "Are you 'smalldogs*'?"

(Apparently, she almost peed in her pants at this point).

She affirmed and asked who I was.

"Snarky Dork!"

She smiled and hugged me, yes, there in the ladies room, and we chatted about our dogs until it was our turn to enter the stalls.

*smalldogs is not only one of my longtime flickr contacts, but she is an amazing photographer who I'm inspired by often. She also seems really cool in person and has great taste in comedy.


Chris said...

It's weird meeting online acquaintances in the "real world". I don't know that I've recognized someone at random like that, but I've been to meetings and lunches with local USENET folks (hsv.general), Geocachers, and the Nikon Cafe folks - all of whom I knew purely from online conversations and, occasionally, avatars and photos. The most awkward thing is not knowing their real names and only knowing them by their handles. I'm boring, or at least less private, and usually go by CMPalmer on most boards, but it leads to introductions like "Aren't you SilverEagle?" or "Hi RedneckGal, I'm CMPalmer". It makes you feel like you're a bunch of CB users from the 1970's.

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