I'm so far behind in posting here and should be far too busy with other things to even bother. I've had several things I've wanted to blog about over the past few weeks, but now when I think about it, it just seems overwhelming. I'm pondering a way to boil some of it down to a list or two

If there is anyone even still bothering to check in here, leave me a comment about something I did in the past few weeks that you want to know more about. There are a few photo clues in the posts below. Whatever gets the most responses will be my next subject.

And if no one is interested in anything, then I'll just go roast some marshmallows and see you...someday.

P.S. I've also been terrible about visiting your blogs and will do so soon.


The Mad Doctor said...


Interested in the outdoor fireplace pic.

I haven't posted because....well, no good reason. Just a bit busy.

Alissa said...

I vote for you to discuss the two Police concerts.

Brenda Griffith said...

I still drop by--it's much easier now that I have a good RSS reader :-) . I am in a sad, philosophical frame of mind so I would like you to post something true and important and you. Less what you do and more who you are. I am such a dork.

ren said...

i am here EVERY...FREAKIN'...DAY. but i don't mind if you don't post for a while. have i...posted, that is.

you should totally post about the nerds at the hollywood bowl...well, the nerds other than us.

Chris said...

Like Brenda said, I keep up with most blogs via Google Reader and RSS which isn't always conducive to leaving spontaneous comments - a lot of the time I just read the body off the reader and never visit the actual page. I would like to hear more about the concert experiences, though.

I haven't been blogging as much lately, either. Or taking and posting pictures, although I do have a few of both from my camping trip last weekend.

Mandy said...

just how DO you roast marshmallows?

Yvett said...

We're still here. I think everyone is in a sort of "I want to blog but it's so hot my brain is fried" mode. There's no other explanation.

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