Ready Or Not...San Diego, Here I Come

I feel like I've finally made a fair amount of progress toward being ready for this year's San Diego Comic Con. I've been making buttons and hamsters like crazy. There are tons more to make, but I'm finally feeling better about it all. The things I ordered via the mail have all arrived.* I think I just need one more trip to Michaels and I'll be set.

Of course, there are the daunting tasks of laundry, packing, and cleaning the house hanging over my head. And, one of the dogs has had diarrhea all day, which has lead to several unplanned trips to the bathtub.

So, I'm taking a little break to write here, shower, go to some friends' joint birthday party, and possibly an open house at a theater. After that, I'll burn the 3-4am oil again and cut, glue, and press like nobody's business.

The point of this was to tell any of you reading this who will be attending 'Nerd Prom' next week, to come by the table I'm sharing with a group of creative and talented women to say hi. We are the Tired Girl Collective and can be found at table N4 in the Small Press area.


After countless explanations of the whys and whats of Comic Con to my less nerdy co-workers, I was interested to see an article on the event in this week's Entertainment Weekly. As if it wasn't crowded enough! I'm actually really excited about Comic Con as it's always lots of fun with excellent people watching opportunities. Like last year, I'm excited to meet at least one, if not more, friends I've made through the bloggy world.

*Apparently, I'm not such a good nerd. Or I'm just cheap. I pre-ordered my Harry Potter book months ago, but chose a shipping option that will get it to me by Monday at the earliest. It will potentially arrive when I am away in San Diego. Not that I really have time to read right now.

**4:15pm: My book actually arrived and yes, I did a happy dance. I'm not opening it yet, in fear I'll not do anything else!


The Mad Doctor said...

What a fantastic logo for the TGC.

Also - updated the link on my blog - and my blog!

Don't be too shocked ;-)

Anonymous said...

Cool. Enjoy and don't dare open that book until you return!

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