Thanks For The Laughs

Eric called it. He predicted that Trey Parker and Matt Stone would not let Isaac Hayes leave South Park quietly. I don't know who else watched the season premiere, which ended up being a very special Chef episode. It was hilarious goodness.


madretz said...

ouuu! Thanks for the reminder. TiVo automatically records so we'll have to watch it tonite.
Saw Isaac Hayes on That 70s Show. Will miss him on SP.

Chris said...

I just got back from four relatively TV free days at the beach and came home to a DVR 98% full of shows that I missed and I've got a lot of catching up to do.

I missed that South Park episode, but I'll catch it on the rerun.

I've still got to watch The Shield, the Dr. Who episodes, Lost, and several other things before they get wiped out by new shows...

Joanne said...

I caught a rerun of it last night. I liked it. I thought Kyle (kyle?)'s speech about him was very nice. Although if they replace Chef with Darth Chef and use James Earl Jones voice (it sounded like him but I realize the odds are good it was not him) that would be pretty cool too.

Although have you heard the latest rumors? Isaac Hayes had a stroke in Jan and didn't really quit someone did it for him. Makes me laugh a bit that one does.

Jodi said...

Joanne: I did hear that rumor which makes this whole thing possibly even more interesting!

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