I'm In Love, With That Song

On more than one occasion, I've proclaimed my appreciation for Dicky Barrett and Nina Blackwood on Indie 103.1. It is commercial radio and therefore flawed (songs in heavy rotation, lots of cheesy ads, etc.), but is about the best damn thing we have for music in L.A. right now, in my opinion. I am an NPR junkie and often don't even listen to music in the car, but when I do, it's Indie. Here are a few more examples of why I continue to love this station:
  • Last Thursday morning, just before 7am, I get in the car to "Catch My Fall" by Billy Idol
  • Early Saturday morning, on my way in to work, Nina Blackwood played "Perfect Skin" by Lloyd Cole and the Commotions
  • This morning, and the reason I started thinking about this post during my drive to work, Dicky played "Alex Chilton" by The Replacements

*Edit: My one consistent Indie gripe is that I don't get good reception in my house so I can only listen in my car. I'm not in my car alone that often (the only time I have complete control over what I listen to).

And now back to our regularly scheduled hamster related posts.


Anonymous said...

Have you thought about getting Sirius or XM?

Unknown said...

One day I was at the house of another radio friend up in Fresno, who had done time at KROQ back in the '90s and she had her satellite TV on, but tuned to a music channel. The music was great, then I heard a familiar voice from my past, it was Freddie Snakeskin!

There is this channel and I don't know if it's on direct TV or the dish, but she was listening to Sirius or XM on her tee vee, just about everyone that used to be on KROQ was on this channel.

ren said...

i see you remembered your title!

and 103 plays the hoodoo gurus and very often the clash or the ramones immediately after. as long as they do it once a week i am happy.

Jodi said...

Nope, I haven't thought about satellite radio due to 1)the cost; 2)not in my car much; 3)I'm not sure if this is correct...but is reception sketchy in the L.A. area? I thought I heard something about that.

ren said...

james has xfm and it seems to work ok. he uses it in the house to (but i haven't really played with it, i don't know how the music stations are, he mostly listens to sports and talk)

Anonymous said...

Sirius seems to work well in my car.

Chris said...

I get pretty good reception of Indie 103 here in Huntsville, Alabama. I stream it through iTunes, so that is an option at home...

A friend of mine is a DJ in New York and I listen to his show on Sunday mornings as well.

But, I pretty much only listen to the radio in the car and it's usually talk. We only have one decent radio in the house and it's on our home theater system and we have cable music stations and I can stream my computer music (or internet stations) to that system as well.

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